Baidu PC Faster Adds a More Powerful Wifi Hotspot Feature to Create Free Wifi on Computers

2014-10-20 11:25:14

Do you never want to put your mobile phone off your hands? Are you often required to use mobile devices to handle work even on the road? So your life can’t go on without Wifi. Maybe you would like to choose the free WiFi on the public places to save money, but who cares about your devices’ safety and privacy protection? It’s Baidu PC Faster.

As a piece of professional pc optimization software, Baidu PC Faster has recently updated the new version 5.04, bringing in a more powerful WiFi Hotspot feature to help users to create free WiFi and manage it more securely on their computers. However, the device should include an available wireless network card firstly. No matter your pc accesses the internet via 3G network card or cable network, this software can create a free WiFi hotspot for users’ multiple mobile devices.

The main interface provides visualized options for users to make settings, for example, changing Wifi names and passwords.

Moreover, it adds a new, capable management menu including several features for users to adjust; with one click, the connected device can clearly present its detailed information, including its connection date, times of connection, connection time, saved data, device name, IP add, Mac add and etc.

If you put one device from “connected devices” into “blocked devices”, it will not connect to WiFi until the Wifi restarts. The blacklist is to permanently block unknown or dangerous devices according to the user’ order; however, the devices between these three categories can be rather easy for the user to adjust and manage under the protection of virus scan.

All the above new features are developed to meet different users’ different requirements. For example, the host can apply Baidu PC Faster to manage the WiFi network well while holding a party for friends. In a family, the parent can take advantage of its convenient password change and blacklist feature to limit children’s entertainment time on mobile phones or tablets. It can also be used in lots of other places, including dormitories, hotels, buses, train stations and etc.   

What’s more, its OS optimization capabilities have been promoted at least two times higher than the previous version 4.0, including startup boosting, junk file cleaning and etc. Simply with one click, the detection report can accurately indicate the pc’s health status, and at the same time the whole speedup process in relation to cleaning junk files on the hard drive can be finished faster than ever.

Baidu PC Faster is not only specialized in pc optimization as well as safety protection, but attaches more importance to users’ practical requirements in using computers. Install the latest version of Baidu PC Faster, you may say goodbye to the wireless router. You need PCF as it hears you. 

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