Don’t blame your PC for auto-saving information

Privacy Cleaner 2014-11-07 17:40:11

How many websites do you visit every day? How many files have been downloaded and saved when you visit to a website and what information has been written in those files? Can they be traced back to your personal information such as your bank account and password on online sales websites like Amazon Books or eBay? Why people can see your information such as login names and visited page easily whenever they use your PC? 

Our surfing experience is filled with online privacy reports and varied security software advertising, but do you really understand what the software cleans to protect your privacy and the purpose of doing it?  

Let’s take PC Faster for example. When it comes to visited websites cleaning, it operates in cleaning your website history, cookies, auto-saved password, download and locations. All contents can be easily understood by glancing at the names except for cookies. As an ordinary internet user you might think it’s not necessary to know cookies, but after reading the following details, your answer will be changed.

Internet cookies are small pieces of information in text format that are downloaded to your computer when you visit many Web sites and they can be read with a regular text editor. Visiting a single Web site can actually result in the downloading of multiple cookies, each from a different source.

If a site has several pages and you go from one to the other the site doesn’t remember which pages you have been to. That is, it won’t unless a cookie is on your machine to remind the site and provide continuity. There are many reasons a given site would wish to save and use cookies. These range from the ability to personalize information (like on My Yahoo or Facebook), or to help with on-line sales or services (like on Amazon Books or eBay). Cookies also provide programmers with a quick and convenient means of keeping site content fresh and relevant to the user's interests and store personal data that the user has shared with a site to help with quick logins on your favorite sites, for example.

Although some cookies provide a useful function, many others may not be desirable. Cookies have inevitably been turned into a tracking mechanism used by advertisers. In principle, cookies are only accessible to the site that originated them but large advertising agencies with many clients can easily circumvent this restriction and collecting information includes your name, address, phone number and e-mail address even some sensitive information under one domain. PC Faster cleaner can clean up the cookies that you don’t want to be traced and the history you don’t want to be seen. Please join Baidu PC Faster and take action to protect your privacy.  

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