Clean up system disks for your PC speed and downloads

2014-11-07 15:03:23


During the course of using our computer it saves files and compressed files on a frequent basis in order to access some of your files quicker and stores the files in different folders or caches in the computer system. These files overtime occupy space in your hard drive and need to be removed or cleaned out because applications or programs no longer use them accept when called upon by the user. It is good practice to clean large files at least once a month. No need to worry it would affect your smooth operation because once you use the application or programs next time it will store it again in the cache or folder.  


As we all known, C Disk is the default installation file for all the software, that’s why it will be fully occupied easily. The most frequent problem about disk is your PC can’t perform smoothly when the C disk is almost fully occupied, generally what will you do to clean up the useless files? Some people will check the files in C disk one by one and try to figure out which are large files and which are useless files. This process will really freak you out as it costs long time and you might accidently delete some important software components which lead to disabling that software.

Now we have the top optimizer software—PC Faster which can quickly find the large files that take up disk space in different system disks or common path like computer desktop, my documents and my downloads on base of users’ requirements.



‍It can smartly display all the files in order by the size. The files can be classified into different types such as video, music, pictures, office and others or different size range. When you check all the video files, the movies you have watched, delete! The songs you saved in your IPod, delete! 

The pictures you have sent to Cloud, delete! It clearly displays all the files and you can tell easier which can be deleted to clean up your space for downloading as well. Clean up the large files in your system disk in frequency to make your computer run like new! 


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