How to clean up your PC junks with one click?

2014-11-18 14:34:09

Why is my computer so slow? Why sometimes even can’t it display a complete webpage with pictures? Why can’t the YouTube videos load faster? Why can’t I download the soap serials in a fast speed like others did? Those questions can really make you sweat and piss you off in this Networking Era. If you have to ask those questions now and then your computer must have one or several problems listed here, especially the junks. Clean up your PC junks frequently is a very necessary thing to do to keep your PC run faster n healthier.

Let’s take internet explorer cache for example. In just one day of browsing the Internet, you can accumulate quite a lot of Web history. This accumulation can sometimes weigh down the software and cause it to not perform more slowly than you'd like. There is an easy way to delete all of your Web history information and even limit the number of days the browser will store the names and URLs of Web sites you've visited.

To simplify the process of cleaning your visited website junks, I’m going to introduce you the easiest cleaner software—PC Faster. You can clean up all your visited website junks with one click, and clean up the Multimedia junks, Application junks, system junks and Registry junks as well.

If you are wondering what we are going to clean, you can click the long bar of each kind of junks after scanning to find out which software is the “killer” of your speed! You can also click on each item to see the info of junks, including its size and location for knowing your PC better!



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