What to do when your Facebook account is hijacked

2014-11-18 15:55:32


For most people, having their Facebook account hacked is a nightmare. Imagine if someone had access to your entire private messages, could contact your friends and send out spam by your account, abuse your Facebook page, and delete your personal information. To avoid this, you should regularly update your password and keep other security settings tight.

Once it’s too late, however, you must act fast. The most important thing is –don’t panic! You can regain access to your account.

How Do You Know Your Facebook Account Was Hacked?

Here are some other common signs of your account being compromised are:

  •          Automated likes, favorites, follows/unfollows or friend requests
  •          Private messages being posted to your friends (this can be hard to spot unless someone points it out to you)
  •          Unexpected email/push notifications from the social network, such as warning that your email address has been changed
  •          Purchases appearing that you didn’t make or new games/apps being added
  •          Status updates/tweets that you didn’t make
  •     Changes to the profile or pictures on the account
   1. Change Your Password or reset it

In case your password was not changed you got lucky! This is the time to update your password! Be sure to end any suspicious active sessions first (see above), then go to > Home > Account Settings > General and click > Password to confirm your current password and then enter a new password.When you’re done, review our articles regarding Facebook security (see resources below) and see what other measures you can take to secure your account.

If your password was changed, act quickly! Try to regain access. There is a > Forgot your password? Link underneath the Facebook login.

2. Report Compromised Account

If your account wasn’t simply hacked, but is sending out ads and spam to your friends, you must report it as compromised.

3. Do Damage Control

After doing everything you could to regain control over your hacked Facebook account, inform your friends about what is going on, just in case the hacker has abused or currently is abusing your account. If you presently can’t access your account, contact your Facebook friends through other social networks, by email, or have a mutual friend inform them via Facebook.


4. Remove Suspicious Applications

Oftentimes, it’s not an evil person that randomly hacked into your account. More likely than not you granted access to a malicious application which subsequently hijacked your account. Revoking applications you no longer use is a good way to prevent anything happening to your account before it happens, so it’s vital to revoke the apps you no longer use and scan out the malicious plugins in your PC frequently. The advanced and optimized software--Baidu PC faster, can help you to do it in an easiest way efficiently.

The Plugin clean of PC Faster is able to find all malicious plugins which infect your computer. A basic scan of all the systems in the computer will often find hidden plugins. Select “Clean” to remove all malicious plugins found by the PC Faster to prevent your Facebook account or other social apps account from being hijacked. The reminder of Plugin cleaner also reminds you of danger whenever it scans out the malicious plugins.

While the software cleaner of PC Fasters is to uninstall the malware in one click fromdisrupting computer operation, gathering sensitive information, or gaining access to your private computer systems and the applications you no longer use strongly and quickly.

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