Shh…It’s a secret between us

2014-11-18 14:04:39

Watching videos and listening to songs in Media Players are fun for many computer users. Although those applications are useful, they can sometimes reveal unwanted information such as your personal playlist or previously watched videos. Sometimes friends or colleagues might want to borrow your PC to use, to prevent others from knowing what you're listening to or viewing, you'll need to take one step to clean all the records immediately. With Baidu PC Faster’s privacy cleaner, you'll be able to delete all your Media Player history in seconds and your privacy history of visited website, office software, applications and windows system as well.

Normally when we want to delete the watching video history, we will just open the player and clean the playlist. But the watching video history in media players will not be completely deleted if you only clean up the playlist. Let’s take Windows media player for example, you have to find the “Privacy” tab in “Tools” , uncheck the “ Save File and URL history”  which allows your complete history of previously played media to be stored and viewed in the “History” section and click the “ Clear History” button at last. To further get rid of more media information, you have to clear caches as well.

The “ Privacy of watching videos” tab in Privacy cleaner of PC Faster, all the media player you have installed will be listed in and all the trace of watching video in those players can be found. Privacy cleaner can clean up trace of watching video in all of your media players and erase the history faster and easier by simply clicking the “Clean” button. You don’t have to worry about your privacy of all those records and history exposed anymore. 

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