Baidu Cleaner

Ultra-clean cloud technology for PC

You have uninstall PC Faster. And we recommend you to use baidu cleaner.

  • Better, more accurate cleaning
  • The most professional
  • Better performance

Better, more accurate cleaning

Our deep cleaning system can clean up more junk, more accurately. Baidu Cleaner offers unique cleaning solutions for 5,000 of the world's most popular programs, and can target more than 10,000 cleaning points in your computer.


The most professional PC maintenance system

Detect your PC's problems (with our junk file monitor, bundled software monitor and more) intelligently in real-time, and be reminded when it's time to fix a specific issue. It's the smart PC assistant you deserve.


Better performance

We put a lot of effort into Baidu Cleaner's performance to improve your PC's boot time, scan time and clean time, and give you a smoother usage experience with a smaller resource footprint.